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Przeciwwybuchowe oprawy oświetleniowe

 Explosionproof light fittings

Oprawy wandaloodporne, infrastruktura kolejowa i tunele

Vandalproof light fittings, railway infrastructure and underpasses


Custodial light fittings

Zakłady produkcyjne i hale magazynowe

Factories and warehouses

Przemysł spożywczy i hodowla zwierząt

 Food industry and animals husbandry

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Cecha Ex II 2G Ex de IIC T5-T6
II 2D Ex tD A21 IP66/67 T90°/T80°C
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Durable, explosionproof pipe light fitting with IP66 and IP67 designed to illuminate 1.21 & 2.22 EX zones. The body is made of borosilicate glass, aluminum endcaps.


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