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Explosionproof light fittings

Explosionproof EX light fittings for use in Zone 1.21 and 2.22 of explosive gases, dust, vapors, mists and liquid mixed with air and fibers.


Cecha Ex II 3G Ex nR IIC T3-T2 Gc
II 3D Ex t IIIC T165°C-260°C IP65 Dc
oprawa oswietleniowa EXL360ikony EXL360






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Explosionproof floodlight for high pressure discharge lamps designed to light in Zone 2,22 of explosion hazardous area. The housing is made of galvanized steel, tempered glass diffuser.


Technical specification

TECHNICAL DATA:       Light source type: HI, HS    
    Lampholder E40    
    Protection class: I  
    Protection degree: IP65  
    Power factor: ≥ 0,85  
    Ambient temperature:  from -25°C to +50°C  
CONSTRUCTION:   Housing: stainless steel  
    Diffuser: 5mm thick tempered glass  
    Reflector: hammered aluminium  
MOUNTING:   Luminaire for direct installation on the ceiling.  
ELECTRICAL UNIT:   Terminal block: 3x4 mm2  

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