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Business profile, history and basic informations about the ATM Lighting company.

About company

ATM Lighting was founded by people connected with lighting industry. The team are creating people with experience in designing, manufacturing and sales of industrial light fittings. The company is placed in the industrial area of Gdansk, near highway,  very convenient located in terms of road infrastructure.

From the beginning, we are following the business strategy:

ATM Lighting products

In our range of products we have included industrial light fixtures with conventional sources, as well as effective and energy-efficient LEDs. To meet the customers expectations and make the catalogue as easy and useful as possible we have divided our product offer into sectors  - application areas.

Explosionproof light fittings

ikona ex
  • Explosion hazardous zones 1, 21; 2,22 lighting
  • Explosion hazardous zones 1, 21; 2,22 equipment

Vandalproof light fittings, railway facilities and underpasses

ikona vandal
  • Luminaires approved by PKP PLK, strong body, faultless
  • Tunnel luminaires with special, impact resistant housing IK10+

Factories and warehouses

ikona industry
  • Luminaires for heavy duty environment, found in many manufacturing plants, factories
  • Luminaires with high light output and easy mounting system for warehouses and storage areas
  • Luminaires dedicated for non-typical areas, application:
    - High corrosive environment
    - Low ambient temperature
    - High ambient temperature

Food industry and animal husbandry

ikona food
  • Luminaires with PZH atest, meeting special requirements of food production process



We offer products of reputable German company Adolf Schuch GmbH and Croatian company TEPEX. Both are  world market leaders in production  and sales of lighting fixtures and equipment  for hazardous zones.

OEM Manufacturer

We are a manufacturing site for our European business partners, mainly from Germany. Our task is to prepare technical documentation, production and comprehensive quality control of light fittings.


Keeping the top quality of offered products, we decided to co-operate with renowned manufacturers of lighting components, such as Tridonic (Austria), Philips, BJB (Germany),  Lapp Kabel (Germany), Weidmuller (Germany), Wago (Germany).

ATM Lighting Company is strongly committed to the customer. We provide comprehensive and professional service, starting with project and design to final product delivery. For production facilities we offer free lighting audits, to propose new, more efficient lighting solutions. Our offer is directed to engineers/designers, lighting, electrical wholesalers, contractors and investors.

Thanks to a global strategy of business we achieve our projects primarily in foreign markets (Germany, Slovenia, Serbia, Sweden, United Kingdom, Australia), as well as on the domestic market.

We want to grow and develop together with our customers. To achieve this we must be very flexible. Our technical department is ready to match your needs with any product we offer. We can boast of realization of lighting fixtures made entirely due to the customer’s needs, bearing in mind respective EU industry standards. ATM Lighting fixtures combine high-quality performance, innovation and functionality. Our R&D department is working to develop our offer based on the latest solutions available in the market. For manufacturing our products we have decided to use high standard machines made by TRUMPH.

Direct contact with clients is very important to us, therefore we participate in lighting fairs. You can meet us at the international Light & Building Fair in Frankfurt and at national event ENERGETAB Fair in Bielsko-Biała. In all matters related to our business we are always at your disposal.


ATM Lighting Team

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