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Lighting audits

We perfom audits of current lighting system to show customer the possible potential savings while using modern technologies.

     To meet customer expectations, due to rising electricity prices ATM Lighting Company proposes to conduct a lighting audit service. Lighting audit is carried out by qualified engineers and is designed to show a potential savings of costs incurred for electricity. We propose to replace old energy-intensive lighting with modern, high efficiency light fittings equipped with highly effective light sources.

Lighting audit consists of several parts:

  • The visit in the clients facility. We gather information about the object, the present state of lighting, we measure the actual energy consumption and light output (the first meeting ends with a protocol of measurements).
  • A comprehensive lighting design, in accordance with the standards, of the proposed location of lighting fixtures for kicks.
  • Comparison of the current state with our proposal. Demonstration of savings on electricity costs incurred through the use of modern ATM Lighting fixtures and presentation of the offer and the timing of investment return.

Our audits show you the benefits of the conversion from the old, inefficient and energy-intensive product to the XXI century modern product tailored to your needs.

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