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Custodial Facilities

Vandalproof light fittings designed for illumination of penitentiaries and prisons are characterized by a high degree of resistance to IK impact. They also have secured casings preventing unauthorized access. Lamps of this type can be equipped with additional night lighting.

Anti-ligature. When lighting saves life.

Vandalproof products are a big family of INV and INP series of specialized luminaires designed to illuminate prisons and other penitentiary institutions, mental health institutions and hospitals and railway facilities. 

Is that about durability? 

Our custodial light fittings are extremely durable (ingress protection IK11+), which has been proven by accredited laboratory. Additional laboratory test showed their resistance to impacts with an energy of 150J. INP. Such results would not be possible to achieve if not the robust construction of the luminaire. Housing made of galvanized and powder coated steel, the thick polycarbonate diffuser allowed to maintain above-average characteristics of INP luminaires.

Is that about safety? 

The suicide rate in custodial facilities and psychiatric hospitals. The most common method of suicide in those facilities is hanging, using the materials that can be found around like linen or clothes. 

Ligature risk occurs when a room contains ligature risk points, which can be anything that could be used to create a sustainable attachment point for a cord, rope, shoelace or other similar material a suicidal person could use for strangulation. Common attachment points include doors, hooks, handles and window frames.

There are 3 types of anti-ligature measures:

Load-release anti-ligature products are designed so that any excessive strain will cause them to release, loosen or come away from their fixing point. They may contain two or more parts, where one part gives way under excessive weight or strain, making hanging impossible. Fixed anti-ligature products are more robust and physically designed to prevent their use as a firm hanging point. They typically feature curved edges and tamper-proof entry points that can’t be picked apart even with self-made tools. 


Is that about design? 

Anti-ligature lighting must fulfil a number of requirements to effectively counteract potential self-harm. It is very important for luminaores construction to be robust and withstand direct impact at least 20 joules. The anti-ligature luminaires should be mounted directly to the surrface, with no space left between the luminaire and the surface. In some cases like the surface curvature, it can be necessary to fill the gap with anti-pick mastic or concrete silicone. Our custodial light fittings have their housing designed with special curvatures that do not allow to hang anything on the luminaire. Another solution we use in our anti-ligature luminaires are the safety screws that prevent unauthorized access to the inside of the luminaire. The thick OPAL polycarbonate diffuser does not allow to look at the luminaire's components inside the housing that could be targeted for removal and used as a weapon. 


Is that about well-being? 

There are so many conditions that can trigger self-harming behaviour. The suitable environment for people with depression or bipolar affective disorder can be helpful during the treatment. Our INP light fittings have 4000K colour temperature, which is neutral for the users. many of them can be additionally equipped with night light module, that can provide the adequate lighting for the actual time of the day. This allows to calm down and ensures a good night's sleep, which is very important even for mentally healthy people. The night light module allows the night-time surveillance without waking people in the room. 

To sum up

There are many factors that keep custodial luminaires users safe. Robust construction contributes to the luminaire's durability. This allows the luminaires to function in the facility for many years. The special design and mounting prevent from self-harming and suicidal behaviour. Proper operating mode of the luminaire creates appropriate environment for long-term stay or treatment, ensuring adequate room illumination. All of the above ensure an appropriate level of safety and  well-being for our luminaires users. 


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