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How developing our products can make your business safer?

Monday, 03 July 2023 13:30


It happenes more and more often that light fittings manufactured by us get to the places of critical infratructural importance. Speaking of such light fitting, let's check EXL450LED with emergency power module!


Places like:


require certified high quality and reliable products with very high quality and reliability. Such great responsibility requires an appropriate approach to the decision-making and design process at the concept development stage, long before the product is launched on the market. Our experience in the production of explosion-proof lighting fixtures allows us to provide not only safe, but also innovative solutions. Usually, it is the reality that verify the previous assumptions and show us new customer needs and directions for further action. This was the case with the EXL450LED explosion-proof floodlight and its extension with a 3-hour emergency power module.

We have just finished the process of ATEX certification for this specified emergency version. EXL450LED-A3 is probabbly the only one explosion-proof floodlight with 3h emergency power module on the market. This soultion can be treated like an additional security to ensure the continuity of the facility's operation, but also increases the security level of this object. 

Another new thing for EXL450LED and its emergency version EXL450LED-A3 is the new type of optics OB (oval beam), which is great for any kind of warehouses with EX (explosion hazardous) zones. This configuration allows to illuminate long and narrow spaces between the shelves. This is the way we try to opimise the quantity of the light fittings needed to illuminate the space, reducing power consumption and carbon footprint.  

We know that innovation should go hand to hand with safety, it's why our all explosion-proof light fittings are ATEX-certified. Thanks to following the customer's needs, we deliver products that has been designed in customer-oriented process. 

charakterystyka produktu

Why it is worth to use EXL450LED? 

The EXL450LED floodlight comes in three different sizes and emits a luminous flux up to 34,000lm. The aluminum housing of the luminaire provides excellent conditions for heat dissipation from the inside of the luminaire, protecting the components inside the luminaire against overheating. The collection of five different optics makes it possible to direct the light properly and illuminate the surface as efficiently as possible. That, combined with a professional lighting project, generates significant savings for our customers. An additional, 3-hour emergency power supply module ensures continuity of operation even after a power failure in the network. Optionally, the floodlight can be adapted to work in a three-phase network.

All the painted elements of the luminaire are powder-covered with a special paint that has been patented by ATM Lighting, which eliminates the settling of dust.

Thanks to different brackets, the floodlight can be easily mounted both to the surface and on the pipes. When installing luminaires outdoors, it is recommended to use additional anti-explosion breathing plugs, which eliminate condensation of water vapor inside the luminaire. An optional protective grid protects the diffuser against accidental mechanical damages.

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